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Gingerbread Family Cookie Sheet Ornament

Gingerbread Family Cookie Sheet Ornament

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Celebrate the year with this personalized family ornament. We can add up to 9 different  people or animals. The rolling pin can say "Our Perfect Batch" or can have a person's name instead- for example "Beckie's Perfect Batch". 

Female Gingerbread available in the following apron color: Red, Yellow, Green, Brown

Male Gingerbread Available in the following bow tie colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Brown

To order- please put the personalization in the personalization box in the following format: 

Mom (apron color): Name
Dad (bow tie color): Name
Girl (apron color): Name
Boy (bow tie color): Name
Cat: Name
Dog: Name

Max of 9 Gingerbread people/pets. By putting boy or girl- these will be smaller from the Mom and Dad. 

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