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ENTER YOUR OWN - See Google Drive - Sublimation Transfer Set/Ready To Press Sublimation Transfer

ENTER YOUR OWN - See Google Drive - Sublimation Transfer Set/Ready To Press Sublimation Transfer

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This listing is for a Physical Sublimation Transfer.


  • Note - A new list needs to be added to cart for each size. Whatever size you have selected and added to cart, is what this list will be filled at.
  1. Select your transfer size for the list you are adding in.
  2. See the Google drive for designs - we have over 2000!
  3. Type in designs, and quantity of each design in the box below. Remember, this is for each SIZE you have selected from the dropdown. A new list is needed for each size transfer.
  4. Add the transfer to your cart, repeat for each size.
  5. Enjoy and Sub away!

     P.S. Don't forget your Magic Prep Spray if you want to sub on cotton (:

***********NO physical items shown in mockups are included. They are for display purposes only to show you how your finished product could come out. The transfer is the only item included ********

Each transfer will be on premium quality TextPrint-R paper.

Measurements size is determined by the longest side of the transfer.

Sizes are as follows:
Small - XL: ~10" wide
2XL & 3XL: ~12" wide
4XL & 5XL: ~14" wide
Pocket/Left Chest: ~3.5" wide

Infant & Youth Shirts:
Infant: ~3.5" wide
0-3 mo: ~3" wide
3-6 mo: ~4" wide
6-9 mo: ~5" wide
12 mo: ~6" wide
Youth Shirt: ~8.5"

Mug / Pocket Size: ~ 3.5 wide
Coozie Size: ~3.5" wide
Mousepad: ~10" wide (up to 8" tall)
Hats: ~4.75" wide (Up to 2.75" tall)

Garden Flags:
11" wide x 15" tall
12" wide x 18" tall
13" wide x 19" tall

10" wide
15" wide
18" wide

*All sizes are suggestions. Please verify what size works best for your project!

If you are looking for a "bulk buy" rate please contact me. Bulk buy rates are available for quantities greater than 20 of all designs and sizes.

In Order to Use These Transfers:

1. You must have a heat press (No Iron). Specific Temperature heat and pressure needs to be applied evenly and consistently for a set amount of time for chemical transfer to take place.
2. Transfers must be used on specific material that is either polyester or poly coated hard surfaces.
3. When choosing fabric, 100% Polyester is best for most vivid color output. The lower the polyester count, the lower the color output. Some actually prefer the lower count as it gives more of a "vintage" look. Sublimation on less than 50% is NOT recommended.
4. White or very light substrates recommended only.
5. Sublimation does not have "white" ink. If the transfer is not sublimated on a white item, all the colors, especially white, will take on the color of the substrate.

**Please Note: Actual Settings will vary for different substrates. Please see guide that comes with your substrate "blank" for specific time, temperature, and pressure.**
The average setting for a standard tee is:
Temperature: 385 degrees
Time: 45-55 seconds
Pressure: medium pressure

Slight color variation may occur due to color settings on computer monitor.

Disclaimer: No returns are allowed for sublimation transfers. KYLaserCreations, It's Owners, and/or Employees are not liable for any personal and/or business damages or loss due to the use or inability to use any of our products. KYLaserCreations reserves the right to cancel any order.

KYLaserCreations, it's owners, and /or employees are not liable for any personal or business damages or loss do to the use or inability to use ANY of our products. KYLaserCreations reserves the right to cancel any sale.

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