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Birth Month Flower Waffle Weave Towel

Birth Month Flower Waffle Weave Towel

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This one-of-a-kind towel is the perfect Mother's Day gift! Featuring flowers for every month, you can pick out a special bouquet or individual blooms with names. Personalize with any name (Mimi, Mama, Mom, Nana, ect) and you've got a memorable, meaningful gift sure to put a smile on Mom's face. Gifts, handled! 

Our dish towels are not only eye-catching, they are fully functional and absorbent! Perfect to use as a hand towel, dish towel, or just as kitchen decor!

To order: Please list the birth month for each flower in the birth month text box. Some months have multiple flowers or different colors for the same flower. Please see the 3rd image and specify if you want a certain color for that flower. If no color is specified, then color used will be random. 

Also, choose between bouquet of flowers (as seen in the 1st photo) or individual flowers (as seen in the 2nd photo). If you choose Individual Flowers, please be sure to include any names you'd like along each flower. Individual names are only for the Individual Flower option! 

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